Global Legacy Freight

Application Steps

When it comes to joining Global Legacy Fright we are slightly selective. Below we have listed the prosses to submitting your application and working up to becoming a full driver.

Step 1

The Application

Every application that comes in we take the time to go over it, so its a must that you provide us with truthful information.

Step 2

The Interview

Once we have gone over your application and have recived your request for interview you will be asked to join our teamspeak server and have a talk with a member of our Application Review Team. This is so we can get to know you better.

Step 3


Yes testing… Global Legacy Freight all member to pass a road test before moving on to joining the VTC as a Trainee driver. You will be asked to join the teamspeak, and meet with a member of the application review team. Once you are in a secure room. The test will start, the staff member will guide you on a short trip and grade your driving.

If You Feel You Can Pass All 3 Stages Apply Here!