Global Legacy Freight Application Information

Welcome to the first step to becoming a Global Legacy Freight Member! We are happy you are taking interest in wanting to join. Before you move on to the application we need to make sure you are qualified to join. Unfortenly if you are under 16 you will not be allowed to join today but you are able to apply at a later date.

What Information Do I Need?

We require you to provide us with a few things such as your Email, Discord Name & ID, Age, and Country of Residence.

What Are The Requirements To Join

Be 16 or older
Have a clean VTC history
Have not joined more than 3 VTC’s in the past 6 months
Have NOT been fired for our VTC due to misconduct
MUST have Teamspeak and Discord
Have a working Mic
Have not been banned from TMP in the past 30 days

I Meet The Following Now What?

Well now you need to submit your application to the Application Review Team, they will look over your application and will contact you via our application system, you will need a valid email as we do not do this over discord. If your application is approved for phase one you will be asked to make your TMP ban history public so the Application Review Team can check your bans. Don’t worry you can make it private again after this phase is over.

Phase 2 The Interview

When you get invited for an interview you will meet with the person who has been working your application, here we will be getting to know you on a more personal level. Depending this outcome will determine if you will be accepted into the VTC.

From everyone at Global Legacy Freight, good luck!